Pad for Paws Art Auction

At a variety of locations around Montana, the Pad for Paws Foundation conducts an art auction to help fund its worthy programs. Mostly wildlife scenes, the framed and matted artwork is located on easels in the lobbies of hotels, restaurants, airports and business locations in cities around Montana. Bids are collected throughout a pre-determined time period, and people placing winning bids are then contacted to complete the sale.

Deliveries are arranged and coordinated based on the winning bidder’s residence location. A delivery charge may apply for purchases which need to be shipped. Checks, cash and credit cards accepted.

Jim Scheuer

Direct purchases of wildlife prints can be arranged by contacting Tim Scheuer at 406.449.8771, or email Tim. Tim is the coordinator for this art auction and has managed this program for the Pad for Paws Foundation since its inception.

The following are the prints and canvasses we sell. Click for larger images:

Patient Suitor
By Michael Sieve
Along the Creek
By Rosemary Millette
Meadow Music
By Rosemary Millette
Approaching Storm
By Rosemary Millette
Autumn Splendor
By Persis Clayton Weirs
Great Game Animals
By Michael Sieve
Crossing Bear Canyon
By Jim Kasper
Dusty Plains
By Rosemary Millette
Distant Thunder
By Rosemary Millette
Going Fishing
By Ron Van Gilder
Calling All Challengers
By Rosemary Millette