Everyone in our community is affected in some way by the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The Pad for Paws Foundation has experienced a 300% increase in the number of calls for assistance over what we normally receive. Our calls are from employees laid off of work, small businesses and restaurants that were ordered to close, and others affected by the State’s shutdown.

Unfortunately, our donations of pet food have greatly decreased, forcing us to purchase dog and cat food to be distributed. We are breaking down the big bags of pet food into smaller zip-close bags so we can help the most amount of pet owners in need.

Pad for Paws does not want any pet to be abandoned because their owners can’t afford to feed them right now!

Pad for Paws is doing everything we can to help pet owners in need, while keeping our volunteers safe.

Our ‘mission’ continues to be “Keeping pets and their people together!”

Mission of the Pad for Paws Foundation

Our motto says it all - “Keeping Pets and Their People Together.”

For most pet owners, their dog or cat is more than a pet. They are faithful companions who provide friendship, joy, and sometimes even a reason for living. Many of these pets are the only “family” our clients have.

Every day we receive calls from low-income pet owners in our community who are experiencing a temporary hardship such as unemployment, divorce, or a death in the family. They are struggling to feed both themselves and their beloved family pets or service/therapy animals.

When there’s a natural disaster such as a fire or a flood, social service agencies call us to assist the families affected.

Our Foundation is there to provide pet food and pet supplies, and emergency veterinary care to those in need.

We assist senior citizens, our nation’s veterans, those with service and therapy animals, physically and mentally challenged, and pet owners experiencing a disaster.

Without our help, hundreds of family pets would be turned in to local Animal Shelters because their owners wouldn’t be able to feed them. Our donation of food and services through our Paws Pantry Program keeps families together!

The Pad for Paws Foundation is 100% volunteer with no paid employees. All board members donate their time and talents to Pad for Paws. The good we accomplish is from the work of dedicated volunteers.

The Pad for Paws Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable foundation dedicated to animal welfare. We are supported entirely by private contributions, grants, and fundraisers. All donations are tax-deductible as allowable by law.

Paws Pantry Program

Paws Pantry Program

Since 2008 the Pad For Paws Foundation - through its Paws Pantry program - has made the following dog and cat food donations to help feed the hungry pets of Helena-area citizens.

Total Poundage Donated: 890,504 lbs.

  • Helena Food Share: 368,493 lbs.
  • God’s Love: 51,885 lbs.
  • Area Needy Families: 470,126 lbs.

(Donation totals are as of December 2020)